1. Entrepreneurs have to register with the website.

2. An email will be sent to the registered email id having credentials for login.

3. Entrepreneurs will have to complete their profile after the login.

Getting information

1. Information will be provided electronically or  physically to the entrepreneurs who would visit the EFC.

2. The information seekers will be filling up the Information Requisition Page, either hardcopy or through soft copy available in the web page of a website developed by IIFT.

3. The Export councillor of the EFC will answer the queries raised by entrepreneurs between 9 am- 4 pm on weekdays (except holidays).

4. The queries raised by the entrepreneurs will be classified.

5. EFC to provide single query window where in single queries raised by the entrepreneurs will be answered within a stipulated time. No business queries will be answered.

6. The queries of the entrepreneurs will be screened and responded on regular basis.

7. The Export councillor will have access with the faculty for collecting, validating and disseminating requisite information on the matter of query raised by the entrepreneurs.